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London council apologises to pro-life charity

A London council has apologised to a pro-life charity after the sudden removal of its stall at a show.

In a tweet on October 12, Lambeth Council said: “On 22 July 2018, we tweeted that Life booked a stall at our County Show using inaccurate information. We accept that was incorrect and would like to apologise to Life.”

The tweet was “pinned” on the council’s official Twitter account.

Life announced in August that it was taking legal action against the council for “defamation, breach of contract and interference with our right to freedom of expression,” alleging that the dismantling of its stall by show organisers was a violation of a contract between Life and the festival’s organisers that had been made in April.

According to the group, the stall had been removed without forewarning as a result of complaints made by some members of the public about a selection of foetal models that Life had placed on display. It had also made a separate allegation that a series of comments made by a Lambeth councillor regarding the incident had been deliberately inaccurate so as to retroactively justify their removal.

“Following our ejection, the council and one of its councillors made false and misleading statements about Life’s presence at the show,” the charity said in August. “They have now accepted that those statements were inaccurate and suggested that we were ejected from the show because of our use of foetal models on the stall.”