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Morning Catholic must-reads: 10/07/18

A man sells devotional images in the Venezuelan capital Caracas (Getty)

Pope Francis has named Cardinal Baltazar Enrique Porras Cardozo as apostolic administrator of Caracas.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has agreed to a one-on-one meeting with Archbishop Romulo Valles.

The Church’s mission in India is to “to touch wounds with tenderness and compassion”, Cardinal Oswald Gracias has said.

The Armenian Apostolic Church has displayed the spear of Longinus after protesters claimed it had sold part of the relic.

Andrea Gagliarducci identifies a paradox of Pope Francis.

Eric Sammons explains why he’s no longer “pro-life”.

And Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has attributed his team’s Super Bowl victory to the Holy Spirit.

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