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Mother appeals for donations to fight abortion clinic prayer vigil ban

Alina Dulgheriu

A mother has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fight Ealing Council’s ban on pro-life vigils outside an abortion clinic.

Alina Dulgheriu, who decided not to have an abortion thanks to the vigil outside the Marie Stopes clinic, needs to raise £50,000 to fund her ongoing legal challenge.

“I cannot put into words the joy, the beauty and the love that my daughter has brought in to my life,” she said. “She simply would not be with us today if vigils had been criminalised, and I refuse to accept that other women should be denied the opportunity to receive help where they want to keep their child.”

Ealing Council introduced the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in April that criminalises any act of approval or disapproval of abortion outside the clinic on Mattock Lane. This includes, handing out leaflets, holding signs and even praying.

The High Court dismissed a legal challenge to the order earlier this week, raising the possibility that other councils could introduce similar measures.

Alina is now appealing for funds to launch an appeal.

“I cannot imagine a society where a simple offer of help to a woman who might want to keep her child is seen as a criminal offence,” she said.

“I am calling on the public to give generously to help cover the legal costs that I have already incurred in bringing the challenge against Ealing, and all future legal costs.

“Without strong financial support, an appeal will simply not be possible.”