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Argentine parliament narrowly votes to liberalise abortion laws

A woman with tape on her mouth reading "Don't Kill Me", takes part in a demonstration against the decriminalization of abortion in Buenos Aires (Getty Images)

The parliament of Pope Francis’s homeland has narrowly voted to liberalise the country’s abortion laws.

The lower house of Argentina’s National Congress voted by 129 to 125 to approve the plan after a 20-hour debate.

The legislation allows for abortion for any reason up to 14 weeks gestation, and up to birth in cases of rape, risk to the life and health of the mother or foetal abnormality. Under 16s will also be able to access abortion without informing their parents.

The proposal will now go to the Senate, before heading to President Mauricio Macri for approval. President Macri has previously stated his personal opposition to the move, but said he would not veto it.