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Bishop to ask Vatican about GK Chesterton’s Cause

GK Chesterton (Wikimedia Commons)

An investigation into the Cause for GK Chesterton is expected to be handed to the Bishop of Nottingham this summer.

Canon John Udris was appointed in 2013 to look into the possibility of opening the Cause. He told the Herald that Chesterton was potentially a “huge model” for the Church, a beer-and-Burgundy-lover who “breaks the mould of conventional holiness”. But he said it was not up to him to recommend opening the Cause.

Canon Udris said this week that he hoped to complete the investigation by the summer. “Then it will be the decision of Bishop Peter Doyle of Northampton whether or not to open the Cause.

“He will obviously want to consult with the bishops’ conference and with the Congregation for the Causes of Saints before doing so.”