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Morning Catholic must-reads: 25/05/18

Pope Francis attends the general assembly of the Italian Bishops Conference (Getty Images)

Pope Francis has reportedly told Italian bishops that if they have “even the slightest doubt” about gay applicants for seminary “it’s better not to let them enter”.

The head of a Vatican study group on Humanae Vitae has insisted that the encyclical “needs no updating”.

An Italian woman has reportedly decided not to have an abortion after a phone call from Pope Francis.

Jimmy Akin says the Vatican’s doctrinal congregation is “highly likely” to release a document on end-of-life issues.

Michael Sean Winters suggests that Francis “has gone further than Benedict did” in tackling abuse (New York Times).

Fr Francis X Clooney SJ argues that Ross Douthat’s To Change the Church “does more harm than good”.

And Andrea Bocelli has been pictured walking on his knees at Fatima.

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