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Madrid churches attacked on International Women’s Day

Graffiti on the Espíritu Santo and San Cristóbal churches (Archdiocese of Madrid)

Churches in Madrid were attacked with graffiti during a “feminist strike” as part of International Women’s Day.

The churches of Espíritu Santo and San Cristóbal were covered in pro-abortion slogans, feminist symbols and blasphemous messages, causing the Archdiocese of Madrid to issue a strong condemnation of the “attack on the heritage of the faithful”.

“The Archdiocese of Madrid expresses its sorrow and its forceful condemnation of these acts that harm social cohesion,” they said in a statement, adding: “True equality is founded on respect for all people and their beliefs”.

Graffiti on Espíritu Santo church (Archdiocese of Madrid)

The graffiti on the side of the churches read: “Abortion yes”, “Free abortion” and “Get your rosaries out of our ovaries”.

Graffiti on Espíritu Santo church (Archdiocese of Madrid)

Madrid’s archbishop, Cardinal Carlos Osoro, had expressed his support for the “feminist strike” in the run-up to the event, saying that he understood their actions and even added that the Virgin Mary would join the strikers.

One of the slogans spray-painted on Espíritu Santo church appeared to reference the cardinal’s words, saying: “The Virgin would also go”.

Graffiti on San Cristóbal church (Archdiocese of Madrid)