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UK March for Life moves to London

(Credit: March for Life UK/Facebook)

The British March for Life will be in London this year after six years in Birmingham.

The march, which takes place each year around the time that the 1967 Abortion Act took effect, started as a small gathering in 2012 but now attracts numbers in the thousands.

This year’s march will involve speeches in Parliament Square, as well as a series of events in Westminster Central Hall including pro-life workshops and an exhibition.

Organisers told the Catholic Herald: “The moving of March for Life/LifeFest18 to central London is a huge step forward for pro-life activism in the UK.

“It demonstrates the rising awareness of the abortion issue by the media and general public and the increasing threats from many quarters to the unborn child as well as those who wish to try and protect them. This year’s event is not to be missed.”