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Bishop outraged by ‘hypocrisy’ of locked churches


A bishop has criticised Catholic churches that remain locked during the day, and called in them to stay open like their Anglican counterparts.

Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth tweeted his exasperation at failing to find a single Catholic church open during a trip outside his diocese. He also accused one church of “utter hypocrisy” for displaying a notice saying “From maintenance to mission”.

Bishop Egan did not name any of the churches or give their location.

[‘Christians cannot serve the community by shutting the door on it’]

In November 2015, Pope Francis said the doors of Catholic churches around the world must remain open despite security fears following the Paris terror attacks.

“Please, no armoured doors in the Church, everything open,” he said. “There are places in the world where doors should not be locked with a key. There are still some but there are also many where armoured doors have become the norm.”

“We must not surrender to the idea that we must apply this way of thinking to every aspect of our lives,” he added. “To do so to the Church would be terrible.”