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Morning Catholic must-reads: 08/01/18

Pope Francis waves as he appears for the Angelus address on Sunday (AP)

The Holy Spirit is “the gift that the Father has made to each one of us on the day of our baptism”, Pope Francis said at yesterday’s Angelus (full text, full video).

The Pope baptised 34 children in the Sistine Chapel on Sunday (full video, John Allen).

Archbishop Eamon Martin has urged Irish Catholics to become “missionaries for the cause of life” (full text).

Luis Badilla and Franciscan Gagliano say there is little excitement in Chile ahead of this month’s papal visit.

Robert Mickens predicts that this year’s youth synod will “be anything but boring”.

Karl Keating asks if there is a worldwide “Francis revival”.

And Fr Jim McDermott says the series Black Mirror is “one of the very few places where you can find a real exploration of the moral and social questions of our day”.

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