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Nuns open restaurant offering free food in London – named ‘Nundos’

Sr Francis outside Nundos restaurant (Joe Pepler/PinPep)

An order of nuns has opened a restaurant in East London offering free food, named “Nundos”.

Sisters from the Daughters of Divine Charity opened the temporary – or “pop-up” – restaurant in Shoreditch on Tuesday offering “food for the soul”, such as chicken soup and lentil broth, free of charge.

However, the nuns ask customers to leave their phones aside and talk to fellow diners.

The restaurant opened as part of the Channel 5 series ‘Bad Habits, Holy Orders’ in which five “party girls” are sent to live in a convent in Norfolk run by the Daughters of Divine Charity.

Sister Frances Ridler said filming the show had been a “rollercoaster”, but she felt that the programme was an “honest portrayal” of life at the convent and would be “good for the Church”.