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Pope Francis canonises 35 new saints

Pope Francis (C) leads a mass for the canonisation of 35 new saints on October 15 (Getty Images)

Pope Francis has canonised 35 new saints, nearly all of them martyrs.

The latest saints were proclaimed Sunday during a Mass celebrated by the Pope in St Peter’s Square and attended by some 35,000 faithful, many of them pilgrims from the homelands of those being honoured.

Thirty martyrs, including priests and laypersons, suffered anti-Catholic persecution in 1645 at the hands of Dutch Calvinists in Brazil, while three children, ages 12 and 13 who were indigenous persons in Mexico, were martyred in the 1520s for refusing to renounce their Catholic faith and return to their ancient traditions.

The other two new saints are a 20th Century priest from Spain and an Italian priest who died in 1739.

Since becoming Pontiff in 2013, Francis has repeatedly paid tribute to Christians suffering or even dying for their faith in current times, especially in the Middle East.

At the end of the canonization ceremony, Francis hailed the new saints as “shining witnesses to the Gospel.”