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Morning Catholic must-reads: 05/10/17

Benedict XVI (CNS)

The true renewal of the liturgy is “a fundamental condition for the renewal of the Church”, Benedict XVI has said in a new foreword.

“No” campaigners in Australia’s same-sex marriage plebiscite are facing “a direct challenge to freedom of speech”, Archbishop Julius Porteous has said.

John Garvey laments the “pressure to silence people” in “both civic and ecclesiastical life”.

Paul Moses argues that supporters of the “filial correction” are helping Pope Francis to bring “change to the Catholic Church” (Rocco Buttiglione, Joseph Shaw).

Fr Thomas Joseph White offers a defence of dogma.

Nicholas Wolfram Smith investigates “the decline of American parishes”.

And “Papal Ninja” Sean Bryan says he wants to “shine a good light on the Church”.

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