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Commuters flee train over man reading the Bible

District line trains at Wimbledon Station (Wikimedia Commons)

Commuters on one of London’s busiest rail routes forced open the doors on a rush hour train and climbed onto the tracks after panicking over man reading the Bible.

The BBC reports that passengers became scared when a man began quoting Bible passages such as “death is not the end” out loud, causing them to flee the train outside Wimbledon station at 8.30am Monday morning.

One man who was on the train said the Bible reading caused a “crush” and a “commotion”, before someone asked the reader to stop “as he was scaring people”.

“The guy stopped and stood there with his head down,” the witness added.

British Transport Police said no one was injured and no arrests were made, but the incident caused severe delays to train services for the rest of the morning.