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Catholic news executive says his name was falsely added to ‘filial correction’

Pope Francis waves during a weekly general audience at St Peter's square (Getty Images)

Alejandro Bermúdez, executive director of Catholic news site ACI Prensa, has denied signing the ‘filial correction’, indicating his signature was added without his consent.

In an email to Joseph Shaw, Bermúdez said he was “surprised to see that my name had been added” to the list.

“I never signed your letter nor do I have the intention of doing so. As a journalist, it surprises me how easy it is to add the name of a person to your list without verifying its authenticity. That speaks volumes about the lack of seriousness of your initiative. Please remove my name immediately.”

The ‘filial correction’, issued on Sunday, addresses the Pope directly, saying he is helping heresy to spread.

Numerous signatories have joined the original 62 priests and scholars in adding their names to the document. A separate petition to support the document has gathered just over 10,000 signatures at time of writing.

Dr Shaw told One Peter Five other names may be affected, although maintained the number was “very small”.

“The organisers have become aware of attempts to cause embarrassment both to them and to certain Catholic figures by impersonating the latter to add their names to the petition,” he said.

“Although a very small number of names is affected, the organisers take this fraudulent activity very seriously and have taken steps to remove these names from the list and to prevent this happening again.

“Those responsible for this fraud should be aware of the moral and legal seriousness of their actions.”