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Morning Catholic must-reads: 25/09/17

Pope Francis waves to pilgrims gathered for the Angelus (AP)

No one is unemployed in the Kingdom of God, Pope Francis said at yesterday’s Angelus (full text, full video).

Ex-Vatican auditor general Libero Milone has claimed that he was ousted by an “old guard” resisting financial reform.

The Vatican and the Muslim World League have agreed to create a joint permanent committee.

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia says he won’t “allow anyone to be more ‘pro-life’ than me”.

Leah Libresco Sargeant describes the impact of losing her child at Easter.

Robert Mickens explains why Archbishop Angelo De Donatis is a rising star.

And Charles Camosy thinks the debate over Star Wars bears “a striking resemblance to the current Catholic situation”.

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