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VIDEO: Pope Francis injures his eye after Popemobile stops suddenly

Pope Francis, showing a bruise around his left eye and eyebrow caused by an accidental hit against the popemobile's window glass (Getty Images)

Pope Francis suffered a black eye after hitting his head on the Popemobile when the vehicle suddenly stopped during his last day in Colombia.

The Pontiff lost his balance, cutting his left eyebrow, which dripped blood onto his white cassock.

The accident happened while he was visiting the city of Cartagena, on the country’s Caribbean coast. His eye was swiftly bandaged up, and the day’s programme continued as planned.

Later, the Pope visited the tomb of St Peter Claver, a 17th Century missionary who ministered to the many thousands of African slaves who were transported through the port during colonial times.

The Pope later celebrated Mass with a bandaged face (Getty Images)
His cassock was stained with blood (Getty Images)