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Scotland is still suspicious of Catholics, says archbishop

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia (PA)

The Archbishop of Glasgow has said that people in Scotland still harbour “a vague suspicion that Catholics don’t really belong”.

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia addressed clergy from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia at their biannual convocation earlier
this year.

Although old-fashioned Protestant bigotry may have faded, he said, more “sophisticated” forms of discrimination still existed. According to the Scottish Catholic Observer, he said: “Atheists and secularists in the 1960s and 1970s were content to ignore or mock the Catholic Church, but today many see her as the single most formidable threat to their notions of justice and equality, particularly when it comes to matters of human sexuality.

“If the Church dissents from today’s new rulebook for the human person – and she must – then she should expect rough treatment.”

The hostility came from a “new ‘religious’ consensus” formed from a “combination of scepticism, consumer appetite and political intolerance”, he said. “It masks itself with progressive vocabulary, but its targets tend to be practising Christians.”