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Brazilian archbishop robbed at gunpoint

Maceió, on the coast of Brazil, is known for its high crime rate and poverty. (ANTONIO SCORZA/AFP/GettyImages)

Police are investigating after a Brazilian bishop was robbed at gunpoint in his home on Saturday.

Archbishop Antônio Muniz, the Archbishop of Maceió, was at his residence in the Farol neighbourhood, awaiting the arrival of Deacon Inaldo Pitta, before the assault happened at around 5.40am.

Archbishop Muniz and Deacon Pitta had planned to travel jointly to the Church of St Goncalo for Mass, but as they were leaving the house, three armed men in a vehicle approached them.

Pointing guns, the robbers forced them inside before running through the house in search of valuables.

“I was targeted by a gun, but the assailants did not physically assault anyone. They took personal belongings and the little money that was in the wallet, “said Archbishop Muniz, according to

Deacon Pitta was able to hide from the robbers and phone the police. When they realised that one of the victims had disappeared, the criminals fled with cash and an iPhone.

“Thank God nothing serious happened,” the archbishop added.

The Secretary of State for Public Security (SSP) in Brazil has said that the robbery is under investigation, but declined to say if there were known suspects.