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Mass held in ruins of St Andrew’s Cathedral

Fr Anthony Mary at Mass in the ruins of the Cathedral of St Andrew, Fife, Scotland (Sancta Familia Media)

A sung Tridentine Mass was held in the ruins of the Cathedral of St Andrew Monday evening as part of a new 60-mile pilgrimage celebrating the saint.

The Mass took place after pilgrims had travelled for three days on foot with a relic of St Andrew.

It is thought to be the first sung Mass at the site in Fife, Scotland, for at least forty years, the cathedral falling into disrepair after the Scottish Reformation. The Mass, in the Extraordinary Form, attracted a crowd of around fifty people.

The Mass was led by Fr Anthony Mary of the Transalpine Redemptorists, who are based on the Orkney island of Papa Stronsay.

The pilgrims then travelled through the town with the relic.

John Mallon, a member of the nearby Holy Family parish who saw the Mass and procession, said: “It was an incredible experience. People were quite moved by it, intrigued by it and crouching down (as the relic was taken past)”.

The pilgrimage, which starts at the National Shrine of St Andrews in Edinburgh, is organised by the Confraternity of St Ninian and is in its second year.