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Ale named in honour of seminarians who were mistaken for stag party

The ale, described as "rich and rewarding" is to be renamed the "Thirsty Priests" (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A Welsh pub that initially turned away a group of seminarians after mistaking them for a stag party has named a beer in their honour.

The City Arms pub in Cardiff has rebranded “The Rev James,” a popular ale on its menu, the “Thirsty Priests”.

“We wanted to do something as a ‘thank you’ to the priests for taking the misunderstanding in such good spirits,” said Tim Lewis, PR manager for Brains, the pub’s owners, according to Wales Online.

With the added slogan “saving souls and satisfying thirsts”, the “Thirsty Priests” was added to the taps last weekend.

Celebrating the ordination of Father Peter McClaren, the group of seminarians dressed in their cassocks were at first refused service when they entered the City Arms on July 29.

“The staff thought they were a stag. We do have quite a few issues on the weekends with parties wearing fancy dress so it is our policy to turn them away,” said assistant manager Matt Morgan.

The manager overheard their prayers as they were leaving the bar, and invited them back for a round of beers on the house.

“By way of apology, he then very graciously provided us with a round of drinks, at which point the group decided to stay, provoking an outburst of applause from the locals casually enjoying a pint,” the seminarians said.

“Throughout the afternoon, the group continued to receive a warm welcome from the regulars but their curiosity did not cease, with many approaching us and asking us questions.”

Archbishop George Stack of Cardiff, who is also a fan of City Arms Pub, said he was happy to hear about the seminarians’ interaction with the community, noting that “priests are of the community and for the community they serve.”