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Morning Catholic must-reads: 15/06/17

Bishop Jean-Marie Benoît Bala of Bafia

Cameroon’s bishops have confirmed that Bishop Jean-Marie Benoît Balla was murdered.

The Council of Cardinals has said it is looking for a “more systematic way” to include laity in choosing bishops.

Approximately half of Christians have left Syria and Iraq since 2011, according to a new report (full text).

Victor Gaetan reports that African refugees are embracing Catholicism in Rome.

Fr Myron Pereira SJ says that in “many” Indian dioceses the laity did not answer the family synod questionnaire because “bishops completed the answers themselves”.

Matthew Walther argues that “St John Paul II and Benedict XVI had more of the saccharine ‘Spirit of Vatican II’ about them than Francis has”.

And J-P Mauro wonders what Latin sounded like at the time of Christ.

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