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Pope Francis asks cardinals to inform him whenever they leave Rome

Pope Francis greets cardinals in 2014 (CNS)

Pope Francis has asked cardinals resident in Rome to inform him when they leave the city, and the address of their stay.

A letter from Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Dean of the College of Cardinals, reminds the prelates of the “noble tradition” of informing the Secretariat of State whenever they travel outside of Rome.

A translation of the letter by Rorate Coeli reads:

Your Eminence,

A noble tradition has always led the Fellow Cardinals residing “in Urbe” to inform the Holy Father, by way of the Secretariat of State, the period of their absence from Rome and the address of their stay.

Pope Francis has recently requested of the Dean of the Cardinalatial College to fraternally remind each single Cardinal the opportunity of keeping that practice, even more so in the case of an extended absence from Rome.

From my part, I gladly fulfill this venerable assignment, assured of the fullest consideration that it will be given.

Finally, I take the opportunity to greet you in the Lord and wish you all the best.

+ Angelo Card. Sodano

Although it has long been traditional for Cardinals residing “in Urbe” to inform the Secretariat of State of their movements, the rules have seldom been enforced in recent years.