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Egyptian Christian killed outside his barbershop

As many as 400 Christian families fled to Ismailia in February to escape the threat of violence from ISIS-affiliated militants (Photo: ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Militants shot a Coptic Christian man dead outside his barbershop on Saturday in Egypt’s North Sinai region.

Christian Today reports that the man, named Nabeel Saber Fawzi, 40, by International Christian Concern, was killed in the town of El-Arish when four masked gunmen broke into his shop and shot him.

Fawzi had initially left El-Arish with his family just three months earlier to escape the continued threat of violence against Christians, but had returned by himself. A relative told reporters Fawzi had returned to find work and provide for his family, who remain in Ismailia.

William Stark, ICC’s regional manager, told Christian Today: “We are deeply concerned for the developing situation in Egypt. This year has already been a difficult year for many Christians in Egypt, especially those displaced by the El-Arish murders and those affected by the Palm Sunday bombings.

“Unfortunately, many of the Christian families displaced from El-Arish find themselves in situations similar to Nabeel. Cut off from their homes and livelihoods, many are finding it difficult to provide for themselves. More has to be done by Egypt’s authorities to confront ISIS and secure Christian communities across Egypt. Until then, it is likely we will continue to see attacks on Christians and their places of worship.”

Islamic State and its affiliates have been responsible for a number of murders aimed at driving Christians out of North Sinai. Fawzi’s was the eighth in El-Arish this year.