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Ideology and economics threaten the family, says David Goodhart. Time for reform

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Fr Raymond de Souza on the biblical crisis that Benedict resolved

Roy Hattersley tells Michael Duggan why Catholics fascinate him

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For Lent, I gave up the news. The results were revelatory says Melissa Kite

Why theologians disagree about what happens after death Stephen Yates

Ann Widdecombe The media failed the sick and housebound on Good Friday

How a mnemonic can help us deal with personal problems Quentin de la Bedoyere

Prince Harry’s courage reminds us of the need for mourning Mary Kenny

Desmond O’Grady on Peter and Paul’s presence in Rome

George Weigel reads the story of an extraordinary soul

Andrew M Brown asks why gender politics won’t go away

Fr Ronald Rolheiser on the 500 years which divide Catholics from Protestants

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