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Merkel appeals to Egypt’s Muslims to show solidarity with persecuted Christians

Egyptian Coptic Christians women mourn during the funeral service for Christians killed (KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has appealed to Muslims in Egypt to show solidarity with their Christian compatriots.

A spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the suicide bombings that killed 45 people on Sunday.

Steffen Seibert told reporters that it was important to preserve the peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Speaking on Monday in Berlin, Seibert said “the Coptic minority doesn’t just need the protection of security forces, but also the solidarity and goodwill of the Muslim majority.”

During a visit to Egypt last month, Merkel toured a Cairo church that had been the site of a previous bombing in December.

Meanwhile the Pope is due to visit the turbulent country later this month.

Yesterday, the Vatican said that the Pope’s trip to Egypt will go ahead as planned later this month despite the Palm Sunday bombings.