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Morning Catholic must-reads: 08/03/17

People bow to statues of North Korea’s founder Kim Il-sung and his son Kim Jong-il (PA)

The Cause of an imprisoned North Korean bishop declared dead in 2013 is advancing (biography).

Those who put “tremendous pressure” on Benedict XVI to resign “will be found out”, Archbishop Luigi Negri has said.

A bishop in South Sudan has rejected President Salva Kiir’s call for a national day of prayer.

A scandal-hit Indian diocese has imposed a five-year moratorium on building works.

Fr Matthew Schneider argues that both Pope Francis and his critics may be right about the Church’s problems.

Blanca Ruiz profiles the priest who used to spit on Mass-goers in his anti-clerical childhood.

And one of the world’s largest Marian statues is being built on the coast of Croatia.

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