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Morning Catholic must-reads: 19/01/17

President Duterte: 'Please accept, Your Holiness, the assurances of my highest esteem and respect' (AP)

The Philippines “values its special relations with the Holy See”, President Rodrigo Duterte has said in a letter to Pope Francis.

An Indian bishop has advised Catholic men to marry before the age of 25 and women before 23.

Fr Claude Paradis describes his journey from homelessness to the priesthood.

Kathy Schiffer asks if the Trump administration will improve relations between America and the Holy See.

George Weigel says Pope Francis’s supporters aren’t helping him when they “demean his two predecessors as rigid ideologues”.

Joanna Bogle and Fr Gerald Murray comment on the Maltese bishops.

And Lonnie Ali argues that Thomas Merton and Muhammad Ali had something in common.

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