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Morning Catholic must-reads: 05/01/17

Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior of the Society of St Pius X (CNS)

Bishop Athanasius Schneider has urged SSPX leader Bishop Bernard Fellay to accept the Vatican’s proposal of a personal prelature.

Remarried Catholics can now receive Communion “with the blessing of the Pope”, an Austrian bishop who took part in the family synod has said.

Catholics now comprise a third of the US House of Representatives and a quarter of the Senate.

Victor Gaetan looks behind the scenes at Vatican-China negotiations.

John Allen and George Weigel reflect on the year ahead.

Catherine Pepinster says that 500 years after the Reformation differences between Catholics and Protestants “are still significant and have yet to be overcome”.

And Ray Cavanaugh explains why James Joyce called himself a Jesuit.

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