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Thief who vandalised Liverpool cathedral is jailed

The thief caused £30,000 worth of damage (© Mazur/

A thief who caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral when he smashed statues, stole money and urinated on the floor has been jailed following his hearing at Liverpool Crown Court.

Christopher McGlynn, aged 44, caused approximately £30,000 worth of damage, including the smashing of two valuable vases, when he ransacked the cathedral last month.

Chris Hopkins, prosecuting, told the court: “[The vases] were smashed and around them was an amount of change on the floor. It is estimated there would only have been around £40 in the two glass vessels because they were emptied earlier in the day.

“But those glass vessels were commissioned by the cathedral – they were unique and irreplaceable as the artist has now retired.”

Mr Hopkins said the vessels were valued at around £10,000 each before adding: “The defendant had also urinated on the floor, near where the vessels stood.”

McGlynn, who pleaded guilty to the burglary, was one month into an 18-month suspended sentence for theft. Judge Elizabeth Nicholls activated that suspended sentence and extended it by a further nine months, meaning McGlynn will serve a total of 27 months in prison.