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Morning Catholic must-reads: 24/11/16

Students sing the national anthem during a meeting with Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro (AP)

Venezuela’s opposition has declared Vatican-brokered talks “frozen” after government officials failed to attend meetings.

Bishop Athansius Schneider has said that he is astonished by the “unusually violent and intolerant reactions” to the four cardinals’ letter.

Cardinal Juan Carlos Osoro of Madrid reflects on his new mission as one of the 17 new “Cardinals of Mercy”.

Jeff Mirus argues that “it is time to turn the corner on Pope Francis”.

Jeanette Flood asks if “if any pastors or bishops” will take up Cardinal Robert Sarah’s appeal to celebrate Mass ad orientem.

Nathan Schneider suggests it’s no bad thing that Catholics are divided into tribes.

And George Weigel says that A Man for All Seasons is probably the best ever religious film “despite its author’s stated intentions”.

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