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Morning Catholic must-reads: 10/11/16

Today's newspaper front pages in Britain (AP)

The majority of Catholics once again voted for the winning candidate in the US election, reports the Catholic News Agency.

Donald Trump’s election “gives hope for improvement of the entire system of international relations”, the Russian Orthodox Church has said.

A Syrian Orthodox cleric has been shot as he entered Aleppo.

John Allen, Matthew Archbold, Ross Douthat, Barbie Latza Nadeau, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, Alex Mikulich, Rocco Palmo, Fr Thomas Reese, Michael Peppard, Peter Steinfels, Michael Voris, George Weigel, Michael Sean Winters and Fr John Zuhlsdorf react to the US election result.

Jan Bentz asks if Cardinal Robert Sarah is being silenced.

Audrey Hamilton says commentators on Pope Francis should pay more attention to the “Jesuit factor”.

And 400 Jesuits will attend a screening of Martin Scorsese’s new film Silence in Rome this month.

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