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Morning Catholic must-reads: 03/11/16

Pope Francis walks through the mausoleum at the Prima Porta Cemetery in Rome (AP)

Death is never truly hopeless because of Christ’s Resurrection, Pope Francis said as he celebrated All Souls’ Day at a cemetery outside Rome (short video).

Japan’s bishops have published a 290-page appeal for the abolition of nuclear power.

Zimbabwe’s bishops have issued an 18-page pastoral letter on the family in light of Amoris Laetitia (full text).

Peter Berger, Dale Coulter, the Economist, Karl Keating and Christopher Lamb reflect on Pope Francis’s Reformation commemoration.

Samuel Gregg says Cardinal Robert Sarah’s new book is very different to his bestselling God or Nothing.

Massimo Faggioli argues that Pope Francis has “accelerated the neo-sectarian tendencies in the US Catholic episcopate”.

And Greg Erlandson says that Bruce Springsteen’s memoir makes it clear that he’s “still on the team”.

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