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Report claims Christians are intimidated and attacked in German refugee homes

A security guard walks through an emergency shelter for refugees near Dresden (PA)

Christians in German refugee centres are being intimidated and sometimes assaulted by Muslims, according to a report from World Watch Monitor.

One recently arrived refugee found these words written on the wall in his shelter: “The time has come to cut off the heads of all non-believers!”

“I was shocked!” he said. “In Iran this may happen, but I never expected such a thing to happen in Germany. This has shattered my trust.”

“We have underestimated the role of religion,” Germany’s home secretary told the Future Conference on Integration and Migration last month, admitting that Germany’s policy of integrating refugees of all religions together had been a mistake. Contrary to the widespread belief in Germany, said Thomas de Maizière, the importance of faith and religion have not decreased worldwide.

A report from Open Doors Germany, a Christian watchdog body which focuses on the support of persecuted and disadvantaged Christians, cites cases of Christians in religiously-mixed refugee camps being attacked, receiving death threats and in some cases being sexually assaulted. The attacks came, it is claimed, from both Muslim refugees and Muslim guards.

Two years ago German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened Germany’s doors to Syrian refugees, saying that the policy that refugees must claim asylum in the first EU country they reach, as prescribed in the 1990 Dublin Convention, was placing a heavy burden on countries like Malta, Italy and Greece.

Open Doors Germany has urged the German government to provide separate accommodation for refugees of different religions, and to provide more non-Muslim guards in refugee camps.