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Morning Catholic must-reads: 29/09/16

Cardinal Brenes greets well-wishers in the Nicaraguan capital Managua after receiving the red hat in 2014 (AP)

Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes has predicted that the poor will be “severely affected” by a bill passed by the US House of Representatives this week.

Church and government officials have agreed to work together on drug rehabilitation in the southern Philippines.

The Maronite Church is backing candidate Michel Aoun to end the presidential stalemate in Lebanon.

Cardinal Carlo Caffarra is among the signatories of a new declaration supporting Church teaching on marriage.

Matthew Schmitz argues that Pope Francis “has built his popularity at the expense of the Church he leads”.

David Cloutier says we don’t need “another round of Catholic battles between conscience and authority”.

And Julie Asher describes watching Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Dekalog today as a “transformational experience”.

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