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Rita Ora to sing for Pope Francis on eve of Mother Teresa’s canonisation

Rita Ora (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

The pop artist Rita Ora will sing for Pope Francis during a concert at St Peter’s Basilica to celebrate the canonisation of Mother Teresa.

The singer will take part in the concert the night before Blessed Mother Teresa is canonised.

Like Mother Teresa, Ora was born to Albanian parents. Her family moved from Kosovo to London when she was a year old.

The concert will also feature traditional Albanian music and Albanian sopranos such as Ermonela Jaho, Inva Mula and Samir Pirgu.

Rita shared the news on the The Tonight Show with presenter Jimmy Fallon, saying: “I’m going to the Vatican, I leave tomorrow! I’m more of a spiritual person, so the Vatican I figured out is actually a big deal,” she joked.

Rita mentioned she’s heading there, “To celebrate Mother Teresa who has now become a saint. I’m going to do a whole ‘What’s up, Pope’ thing,” before the presenter suggested that she Google how to greet a Pontiff more appropriately.

Ora said she will be singing ‘What Child Is This?’