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Morning Catholic must-reads: 31/08/16

Cardinal Tagle (Mazur/

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle has said that Filipinos should be as concerned about abortion as they are about extrajudicial killings.

A youngster who murdered a Catholic priest in a church in Turkey in 2006 has been released eight years early.

A bishop in South Sudan has described a new wave of civilian killings as “heinous” and “unspeakable”.

The Egyptian parliament has approved the country’s first law on church construction, despite opposition from Christian leaders.

Edward Pentin says the monks at Norcia are living in tents after their monastery was damaged by last week’s earthquake.

Mel Gibson says his planned sequel to The Passion of the Christ would be a “huge undertaking”.

And T Rene Kozinski celebrates the “wild goodness” of architect Antoni Gaudí.

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