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Morning Catholic must-reads: 10/08/16

Filipinos receive counselling amid a crackdown on drug users under President Duterte (AP)

Catholic leaders in the Philippines have said that the Church is “powerless” to stop a surge in extrajudicial killings.

Pope Francis made a surprise visit to two convents outside Rome yesterday.

Thousands of people have paid their last respects to Bishop Edward Daly at St Eugene’s Cathedral in Derry.

A decision to abandon pacifism in the constitution will “inevitably involve the Japanese people in the cycle of violence”, the country’s bishops have said.

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church has been criticised for failing to offer condolences after Fr Jacques Hamel’s murder.

RR Reno argues that “a Christian society can accommodate pluralism in a way that a supposedly neutral secularism can’t”.

And Mary Rezac profiles Catholic Olympic gold medalists Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky.

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