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Morning Catholic must-reads: 28/08/16

Flowers at a makeshift memorial to Fr Hamel in Saint-√Čtienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy (AP)

Martyrs like Fr Jacques Hamel “save the world”, the vicar apostolic of Aleppo, Syria, has said.

Pope Francis prayed at St John Paul II’s tomb with children suffering from cancer before he left for Kraków yesterday.

Austen Ivereigh explains why his biography of Francis couldn’t be called The Great Reformer in Poland.

Leah Libresco says Donald Trump is “doing terribly with Catholic voters”.

Catherine Addington, Sean Fitzpatrick, Constance Hull, Georges Massouh and Jordan Zajac reflect on Fr Hamel’s murder.

Metropolitan Hilarion says that a bout of frustration inspired him to write a new Orthodox catechism.

And Bishop Robert Barron hails Vikings as “the most religious show on television”.

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