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Morning Catholic must-reads: 19/07/16

Archbishop Gänswein: 'Important magisterial tenets cannot be changed by half sentences' (AP)

There is “definitely a continuity” between Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, Archbishop Georg Gänswein has said in a wide-ranging new interview (original German text).

The bishops of Eastern Africa have condemned “all acts of violence without exception” in the region.

Michael J New says Donald Trump’s success may depend on wooing Catholics.

Joseph Shaw says the Sacra Liturgia conference has “set the cause of the Reform of the Reform back by 20 years”.

Pia de Solenni suggests there’s no rift between Archbishop Chaput and Pope Francis on divorce.

Bishop Robert Barron says there is a “vibrant paradox” at the heart of Christianity.

And Cristiana Ferrauti names the 10 things pilgrims need to bring to World Youth Day.

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