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Morning Catholic must-reads: 21/06/16

Pope Francis and Shimon Peres meet at the Vatican (L'Osservatore Romano/Pool Photo via AP )

Pope Francis has told ex-Israeli president Shimon Peres that he hopes they can “champion peace” together.

Bishops in the Philippines have deplored a rise in killings by police since the election of Rodrigo Duterte.

Relics of St Thomas More and St John Fisher will tour the United States during this year’s Fortnight for Freedom.

Cardinal Thomas Collins says the legalisation of assisted suicide in Canada is a “malign development”.

John Allen explains why senior clerics aren’t queuing up to lead the Vatican’s new “super-departments”.

Fr Dwight Longenecker asks if Cardinal Robert Sarah is the African John Paul II.

And Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala has urged Ugandans to exercise daily.

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