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Lady Gaga clashes with Catholic blogger over criticism of her lifestyle

Lady Gaga said that celebrities are still human beings ( via AP Images)

Musician Lady Gaga has criticised a Catholic blogger who said that the singer had done “obscene things”.

Gaga prompted surprise among her fans when she posted a photo on Instagram on Sunday of her and a Catholic priest and wrote: “Thank you Father Duffell for a beautiful homily as always and lunch at my pop’s restaurant. I was so moved today when you said … ‘The Eucharist is not a prize for the perfect but the food that God gives us.’ – Father Duffell, Blessed Sacrament Church Nourishment.”

Becky Roach of also responded with a blog post entitled “Five Things To Remember When Celebrities Share Their Faith” and commented: “Sometimes we hold these celebrities to a higher standard than we do ourselves. Yes, it’s true that [the] celebrities…don’t always live out Christian values in their actions at all.

“Even in cases such as Lady Gaga, a woman who has unfortunately done a variety of obscene things, let’s see how we can take advantage of this opportunity to make it clear that anyone can turn back to the faith and that even amongst such a lifestyle the desire of God continue to be present. Making hate-filled comments about them over social media is not going to convince them of their wrongdoing and it definitely won’t attract others to Christianity.”

Roach also added: “It has become somewhat of a trend for celebrities to share their faith,” wrote Roach.

“Many celebrities are sharing Bible verses, quoting priests, and singing Christian music while at the same time still leading a typical Hollywood lifestyle void of Christian values such as modesty and purity.”

But Lady Gaga replied on Instagram, saying that celebrities were human too. She said: “Dear Becky Roach, Mary Magdalene washed the feet of Christ and was protected and loved by him. A prostitute. Someone society shames as if she and her body are a man’s trash can. He loved her and did not judge. He let her cry over him and dry his feet with the hair of a harlot. We are not just ‘celebrities’ we are humans and sinners, children, and our lives are not void of values because we struggle. We are as equally forgiven as our neighbour.

“God is never a trend no matter who the believer,” the singer wrote.