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Morning Catholic must-reads: 28/04/16

Cardinal Woelki: 'Prayer rooms and mosques are equally protected by our constitution as our churches and chapels' (AP)

Cardinal Rainer Woelki of Cologne has rejected claims that Islam is incompatible with the German constitution.

Unless politicians stop engaging in “war rhetoric”, South Africa could be plunged into civil war, a bishop has said.

Iraqis feel abandoned by Western Christians “in this Year of Mercy”, Bishop Shlemon Warduni has said.

The death penalty today is “unacceptable”, Peruvian bishops have said in an intervention in an electoral debate.

US Vice President Joe Biden will speak at the Vatican on Friday.

Bishop Paul Loverde says we may have “reached a turning point in the public debate on pornography”.

And Patrick Malone explains why he believes director Terrence Malick is influenced by Benedict XVI.