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Archbishop urges Dublin to ‘break the chain of hate and evil’

Forensic officers at the scene in Kilcronin Close, west Dublin, where a man was shot dead about two hours after a suspected dissident republican was murdered in a pub (PA)

The Archbishop of Dublin has called on citizens to “break the chain of hate and evil” following an escalation of gang violence in the city.

In a statement released yesterday, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said that everyone had a responsibility to stop the spread of violence. He said: “Hatred and evil easily become a chain and those who resort to such violence feel that they are the strong ones. We need to form a strong alliance of all those who oppose violence on our streets.

“We cannot abandon the good honest men, women and children of parts of our inner city. The elderly live in fear. Their children are exposed to carnage on their streets. Their neighbourhood is being vilified; they are held to ransom by despicable people involved in the rackets of death. The promoters of violence think that they can impose their interests on society: we have to show them that together we are stronger than them and that we can bring them down.

“Everyone has a responsibility. Those who cultivate violence thrive on our silence. We have to unite to undermine them and their business and not close our eyes to what we know. There is plenty of intelligence on the streets; we need to create a culture which will enable those who have information to get that information to the Gardaí.”

The statement followed two gun murders occurring within two hours of each other.

The murders marked the sixth and seventh deaths on the streets of Dublin this year connected to gangland tensions.

The archbishops appealed to Dubliners to be “courageous” and call “violence what it is: evil.” He continued: “Dublin needs a coalition of strong people who are not afraid to call the sponsors of this violence what they are: despicable and evil.”

He concluded: “Once again families have lost loved ones. Their tears and their loss will not be compensated for with more violence. We have to break the chain of hate and evil.”