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Bishops urge Scottish Catholics to ‘shape a better society’ by taking active role in politics

Local elections will take place across Scotland on 5 May (PA)

Scottish bishops are calling on Catholics to take a more active role in politics and not be “passive spectators”.

In a letter which will be read to church goers in Scotland on Sunday, the bishops advise active involvement in the upcoming elections on May 5, in which the electorate will be voting for the their constituency Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) and regional MSP.

Scotland is being granted greater powers in several areas of law making including legislation regarding abortion.

Catholics of the 500 Scottish parishes will be urged to “scrutinise the candidates so as to vote for the person most compatible with your views,” as well as “seek to influence political parties by making your views known to them.”

The letter warns that by not voting in the election, the future of Scotland would be left in the hands of others and that, “Catholics in Scotland should not simply be passive spectators but should be active participants in shaping a better society.”

This will be the first election since the new powers were introduced in the Scottish Parliament.