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Mother Teresa nuns massacred by militants in Yemen

Men stand next to a crater made by a car bomb attack near the presidential palace in the southern port city of Aden, Yemen (AP Photo/Wael Qubady)

Four Missionaries of Charity have been shot dead in Yemen during an attack by gunmen on a Church-run retirement home.

The women religious, members of the congregation founded by Mother Teresa, were among 16 killed in an attack on a home for the elderly in the capital city Aden.

According to reports, two of the nuns were Rwandan and the others were Kenyan and Indian.

It is not yet clear who is behind the attack but the country is currently in the midst of civil war.

Islamist State and al-Qaida supporters have recently conducted a number of attacks in the south of Yemen.

One nun who survived the attack and was rescued by locals told the Associated Press that she hid inside a refrigerator in a store room after hearing a Yemeni guard shouting “run, run”.

Another survivor said among the 16 slaughtered there were also six Ethiopians, one Yemeni cook, and several Yemeni guards.