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Pope Francis baptises 26 babies in Sistine Chapel

Pope Francis pours water over the head of a baby as he celebrates the baptism of 23 babies in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican (CNS)

Pope Francis baptised 26 baby during Mass in the Sistine Chapel on Sunday to mark the feast day of Jesus’s baptism in the River Jordan.

In a short homily, the Pope said faith is handed from one generation to the next through baptism, Vatican Radio reports.

He told the parents of the 13 girls and 13 boys that they must not forget that faith is the greatest heritage they can give to their children.

The Pontiff also told told the mothers to feel free to feed their children whenever they were hungry.

During the Angelus address that followed Mass, Pope Francis urged the faithful to remember their own baptisms and reaffirm their commitment to life as Christians.

He also gave a special blessing to all children who have recently been baptised.