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Morning Catholic must-reads: 02/12/15

Mother Angelica turned a monastery garage into a global Catholic media network (CNS)

The health of Mother Angelica, the 92-year founder of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), is reportedly declining.

Bishops in the Democratic Republic of Congo have urged citizens to resist any attempt by President Joseph Kabila to hold on to power after his term runs out.

Cardinal Raymond Burke has said that if the Pope admitted the remarried to Communion he would be sanctioning “a practice which is in conflict with the truths of the faith”.

Terry Mattingly says the Pope offered a sharp critique of journalism on his flight home from Africa.

Paul Glader says Ugandan Protestants are seeking to match Catholics in promoting “martyr tourism”.

Ross Douthat explain why pro-lifers don’t admire killers of abortionists.

And Bishop Robert Barron reveals that his “new boss”, Archbishop José Gomez, has urged him to download the Waze app.

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