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Morning Catholic must-reads: 26/11/15

Fr Michael Perry, minister general of the Franciscan order, disclosed the financial issues last year (CNS)

Police have searched a financial broker’s home in connection with a suspected €20m ($21.2m, £14m) fraud against the Franciscan order.

Ugandan gay rights activists are seeking a private audience with Pope Francis.

Croatian Church leaders have taken part in a conference on canonisation candidate Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac’s relations with Serbs.

Cardinal George Pell has described Church authorities’ failure to address clerical abuse in Melbourne as “shameful”.

Leroy Huizenga asks why the German bishops’ website has posted a scathing critique of the African Church.

George Weigel argues that there were three synods last month, “the real synod, the mainstream media synod, and the blogosphere synod”.

And Taylor Marshall hails the Catholic hero of Thanksgiving.

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