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Morning Catholic must-reads: 02/10/15

Cardinal Nichols at the Red Mass at Westminster Cathedral (Diocese of Westminster Flickr photostream)

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has urged Catholics working in the legal profession to be “missionaries of mercy” (full text).

When the Pope speaks about the climate, the economy or immigrants he is offering “an opinion”, not dogma, Cardinal Robert Sarah has said.

Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix has urged Catholic men “to engage in the battle that is raging around you” in a new exhortation (full text).

Ross Douthat argues that Pope Francis is “not really a theological liberal”.

Kieran Tapsell suggests there is a “strange disconnect” between the Pope’s words and actions on clerical abuse.

Matthew Boudway, Michael Brendan Dougherty, Fr James Martin SJ, Charles Pierce and Michael Sean Winters reflect on the Holy Father’s meeting with Kim Davis.

And Jenny Uebbing describes what it was like to see her baby blessed by Pope Francis.

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